Akshar And Sukanya Love Our Southern Beaches And Skies

April 26, 2023

The Beach Is Your Own And The Sky Is Wondrous (so how couldn’t you?)

Recently from India, our newly married guest couple have a priority to do some great things in Australia. Explore our beaches and survey our night sky up close, are two of them! To “tick off” these fun items on the list, a visit to Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours makes perfect sense. The third longest uninterrupted beach in the world as the backdrop to a top private telescope tour in a dark sky location, makes for an easy and logical destination of choice.

Akshay has been in Australia a while now, but his new bride Sukanya only arrived a few short months ago. This was to be Sukanya’s first look through a telescope and given the light-laden night skies in much of India plus its northern latitudes, there was much to look forward to at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours. The pair were not disappointed. The sights took in the great variation of objects up in the night sky. Colourful stars, distant galaxies, vast nebulae where stars are being born … even dying stars. It was a first class seat up close and personal to some of the greatest objects one can see. A memorable journey and a great adventure for our northern friends.

“Sukanya is still in Astro world. It was a mesmerizing experience for both of us. Thanks once again for everything Bruce”     Akshay

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