Airbnb Guests Love The Sand And Stars

November 19, 2020

Phoebe And Ewan Say Cheers To An Astro Tour!


What better way to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday than by adding to it your own personal tour of the universe??? Phoebe and Ewan from Thornbury endured two deferments to their Airbnb holiday stay with the “Astro Tour Option” due to the Melbourne lockdown, but all ended well.

A 3 day old setting thin Crescent Moon with sharp and spectacular features of craters and mountain ranges set the stage for a magic tour. The sky was dark quickly after. A solar system extravaganza with the Moon and the “BIG 3” planets further out from Earth started the tour. We progressed outwards, viewing further and further into distant space, finishing 65 million light years away … I wonder how many other distant sandy beaches we may have looked upon without realizing it …. ???

““Lovely place super close to the beach …. Had everything we needed and the outdoor space was lovely to relax in. Bruce was very friendly (and the offered astro tour was a great experience – recommended if the weather allows for your stay!)”  Phoebe

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