A Stunning Saturn Rounds Off A Birthday Celebration For Bruce

September 17, 2023

Jennifer’s Gift For Bruce A Winner With Peggy and Matt Also Loving The Show!

Another ideal viewing night was in store for Melbourne guests booked in for an astronomy tour overnight stay at our beach cottage. Still and clear with a relatively mild night for temperatures, it made for near perfect conditions. And the viewing did not let us down. The morning walk after tour night before breakfast along a deserted beach, just added to the highlights of their stay.

All parties had limited previous experience looking through a telescope and so our tour was a revelation. The night sky has the capacity to simply amaze when observed properly with time and a quality instrument at your disposal. Our small private tour groups make for an ideal platform where each observer has ample time and tuition to really get familiar and understand how to best look through the eyepiece to see and understand what is beckoning to be seen across thousands, or millions, of light years of distance. Such an experience will change your life in the way you think about the world and the night sky and its charms and mysteries. It can change ones perspective immensely. Jennifer’s group finished their extensive tour with a spellbinding view of Saturn. We waited until a later time in the tour in order to let Saturn rise higher in the sky providing a sharper view. With the right choice of wide field eyepiece, the view of the ringed planet was as memorable as we have ever seen! As Jennifer commented, “it looks like it’s straight out of a book” …. But in fact it was much better than that … it was real and surrounded by dark space … and it’s moons!!

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