A Night Under The Stars From Interstate

October 2, 2023

Jon And Chelsi Experience First Class Space Travel!

With little telescope viewing experience behind them, our guests enjoyed a first class ticket to some of the universe’s most delightful destinations. From “nearby” individual stars only a handful of light years distant to spiral galaxies millions of light years away containing a hundred billion stars – the size of of own Milky Way system, all in the one view. Our guests were taken on a journey to remember.

The variety of objects that can be seen in an evening’s viewing will amaze and surprise most guests. All you need is a telescope that can see far enough and pick up the faint light of these distant beauties. They are all there up above your head in the night sky! 🙂  Jon’s favourite objects were two majestic star forming nebulae overhead in Sagittarius – the “Lagoon” Nebula and “Swan” Nebula. Indeed, they are both delightful and stir your imagination …. Chelsi was spellbound by spectacular Saturn. It’s hard not to be. The crisp and bright ring system are a stunning feature of our solar system’s jewel in the crown. Saturn is fabulous viewing at the moment, very soon to be joined by optimal viewing of the giant planet Jupiter – another show stopper up there in the heavens!!

“It’s difficult to describe how good the tour was, “simply amazing” is the closest I can get.

Bruce worked really hard under challenging weather and cosmic conditions to give us the best experience possible which he achieved. We experienced some of the highlights of our local solar system and gazed further into the universe viewing nebula 12 million light years away.

If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours.”  … Jon   Google

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