A Light Year Is Not A Measure Of Time, But Distance

March 18, 2021

A Light Year Is Not A Measure of Time, But Distance

And one year is a looooong way!

An early birthday present from Bella to Dale went down a treat. Neither had had the benefit and pleasure of exploring space through a telescope before, so their private voyage amongst the stars and beyond was a dream come true … It really is hard to imagine the enormous distances involved in space. One light “SECOND” (the distance light travels in one second) is 300,000 kms! So imagine a light year … or better still, one million light years 🙂
Gazing through the eyepiece at a glorious galaxy 35 million light years away is a buzz – there’s no doubt about it. Billions of stars, right there, in your view. Just imagine.

“An experience beyond expectations! If you’re fascinated by space and our universe, this tour is a must (and if you’re not, do this tour and you will be!) Bruce is an incredible host and engaging tour guide – thanks for (literally) expanding our world”    Dale Taylor

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