A Great Family Experience

February 21, 2023

Zon, Shir Mei And Flynn Have A Fantastic Family Experience


What better way is there to have a night out with the family, than being out under a sky filled with mystery and beauty? That’s the night sky under the stars with Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours. And Zon, Shir Mei and young Flynn did just that this week much to their delight. The sky was awash with fabulous clusters, nebulae, star forming regions and galaxies. It’s an eye-opener like no other and a great education for adults and children alike.

Flynn observed half-a-dozen superb deep space objects before heading off to bed leaving mum and dad to enjoy a memorable rest of the evening. The weather was perfect – clear, still and mild autumn temperatures. We visited a host of wonders finishing the night with deep space galaxies “Centaurus A” and the “Sombrero” galaxy in Virgo. You haven’t lived ’til you see a galaxy “live” through the eye-piece! A photo won’t do it, nor looking at it on a computer screen. It’s like seeing an African animal in its natural habitat on the Serengeti Plain… Everyone should do it.

“We had a great time at Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours.
Bruce was a wonderful host and we were able to have a fascinating view of the stars and night sky.
We also loved the beach, and the house was comfortable and clean.”  Zon  Google

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