For single night “Overnight Stay Tour” bookings (our most popular package) you only select a night shown in BOLD. For tours booked with an *Extended Stay”, the FIRST night of your intended stay (first choice Tour evening) must also be in BOLD. On our Bookings page, you will only book *one night (the first night of your multi-night stay) – we will know what duration this represents because of your stay choice selection made in the dropdown box and booking payment … Please phone us if you have any queries re booking an Extended Stay tour. 


Available dark sky Tour nights are in BOLD in the calendar below.


Please also note: When booking an “Extended Stay” (2 or 4 more nights beyond first tour night) please ensure the dates you desire are available in sequence on the calendar below before you place your booking on the Booking Page. Once booked, we will reserve and confirm this extended booking stay with you.


Mon 1st, Tues 2nd, Wed 3rd, Thurs 4th, Fri 5th … Sun 7th
On the above calendar example, a single night “Overnight Stay” booking … or a booking which includes an “Extended Stay” holiday option, can only be made on, or starting, with the dates of 1st or 2nd (dark sky nights) with a 2 or 4 day  extended stay only possible where a sequence of bold and/or not bold nights follows in sequence. Sat 6th is missing, so a 4 night night Extended Stay could not commence on Tues 2nd.

Select Your Evening From Available Dates Below … (Please Note: Booking a Date Is For “Overnight Stay” Bookings Only) Go to “Booking” page. If you have any queries regarding making a booking, please ring us or email (please include your phone number in your email).

NB … IF BOOKING A GIFT for someone, or your preferred date is not known at the time of booking, select “Saturday January 1st” (a proxy date) … and we will understand the actual tour date is to be confirmed by the guest later.

January 1st: (Proxy date for gift bookings when dates are not known at time of booking) 

Thu 11th, Fri 12th, Sat 13th, Sun 14th,
Mon 15th, Tue 16th, Wed 17th, Thu 18th, Fri 19th, Sat 20th, Sun 21st,
Mon 22nd, Tue 23rd, Wed 24th, Thu 25th, Fri 26th, Sat 27th, Sun 28th,
Mon 29th, Tue 30th …

… Fri 2nd … Sun 4th,
Mon 5th, Tue 6th, Wed 7th, Thu 8th, Fri 9th,
 Sun 11th
Mon 12th ….
…. Fri 23rd, Sat 24th, Sun 25th
Mon 26th, Tue 27th, Wed 28th, Thu 29th, Fri 30th, Sat 31st.

Sun 1st, Mon 2nd, Tue 3rd, Wed 4th, Thu 5th, Fri 6th, Sat 7th, Sun 8th,
Mon 9th, Tue 10th … Sun 22nd,
Mon 23rd, Tue 24th, Wed 25th, Thu 26th, Fri 27th, … Sun 29th,
Mon 30th.

Tue 1st, Wed 2nd, Thu 3rd, Fri 4th, Sat 5th, Sun 6th,
Mon 7th,
Tue 8th, Wed 9th   …. Sun 20th
Mon 21st, Tue 22nd, Wed 23rd, Thu 24th, Fri 25th, Sat 26th, Sun 27th,
Mon 28th, Tue 29th, Wed 30th, Thu 31st,

Fri 1st, Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd,
Mon 4th, Tue 5th, Wed 6th Thu 7th, Fri 8th, …
…. Wed 20th, Thu 21st, Fri 22nd, Sat 23rd, … 
Mon 25th, Tue 26th, Wed 27th, Thu 28th, Fri 29th, Sat 30th,


Sun 1st,
Mon 2nd, Tue 3rd Wed 4th, Thu 5th, Fri 6th
, Sat 7th, Sun 8th,

… and go to Booking to enter that date and Book your Tour

About Your Accommodation

Your accommodation is a bright and roomy timber cottage surrounded by trees and large garden.

… Beach and sky at your fingertips.

The beach is right behind the house and accessible by an easy private walking track across a single low sand dune. You can walk, swim, fish from the beach or laze about and take in the local views. There are lots of beautiful birds to spot if that is of interest … And after the sun goes down, a new world emerges.




  • Overnight accommodation – very comfortable and cozy, for up to 4 guests in your private group e.g. one/two couples, family
  • Breakfast included. Leisure Tour guests may use our brick barbeque to cook your dinner or house oven to heat a pre-prepared meal)
  • Early afternoon arrival for Leisure Tour Bookings – enjoy the beach
  • Sleeping: Queen size bed (electric blanket) … two Singles; quality bed linen: supply own toiletries
  • Guided southern skies Astro Tour through large telescope*
  • Further information “Stargazing Options”


  • Clothing … Please note, it could be hot by day or cool in the evening while stargazing … Be prepared for possible extremes.
  • Own toiletries, beach-going requirements (as required)
  • Include hat to keep warm at night and sun hat in summer months
  • Viewing through the telescope can require a few easy steps up a step ladder … Have practical supportive footwear; thongs or bare feet are NOT suitable for the step ladder and Astro Tours.
  • Alcohol not supplied


  • There is a very friendly dog belonging to your host –
    (single overnight bookings only. Host is not present otherwise)
  • Atmosphere is relaxed and informal


When looking through a telescope at Deep Space Objects (DSO’s) – galaxies, nebulae, star clusters etc., the ideal sky is one with very little or no Moon influence. A bright Moon is gorgeous as we all know and sitting around the camp fire or walking along the beach, can be very hard to beat. Also, a 1st Quarter Moon is magnificent when looked at through the telescope. At the terminator – the “line” where shadow meets light, craters and rugged surface features are quite breathtaking. But moonlight otherwise washes out faint objects making them difficult or impossible to see through the telescope. And in truth, it’s the faint and faraway objects you really want to be seeing. That is where the “Universe” really is! The light arriving at the telescope may have left the galaxy being observed when dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth(!) and certainly long  before human existence. Now that makes you pause for thought … When you look into space, you are looking far back in time.

If you particularly would prefer to view the Moon during your Astro Tour, we suggest contacting us to discuss nights outside the available dates above.


For further enquiries contact Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.
Call Bruce +61 412 100 501 or email